Applying for Medicaid - What Information is Needed

Friday, May 19, 2023

    The Medicaid application process can seem long and complex.  That is because it is.

    It can take anywhere from several days to several weeks to gather all the information you need to make a Medicaid application.

    Among other things, you need to know the values of all of the assets of both the ill person and his or her spouse if he or she is married.

    You do not need to value each item in the house, but you should be able to value very expensive art work or jewelry etc.

    You do need the values of all stocks, all bonds, and all other investments.

    You also need the values of all cars, all motorcycles, and all boats.

    You also need to know the amounts in each bank account, CD, and the like.

    You also need to know both the death benefit and the current cash value (if any) of all life insurance policies.

    You also need to know the values of all retirement assets like annuities, 401K plans, IRAs, etc.

    You also need to know who is the actual owner of each of these things.  Things can be owned by the husband alone, the wife alone, both husband and wife, or the trust(s) of one or both spouses.  Things can also be held jointly with third parties like children or siblings or even friends.

    It will also be necessary to know both the income (and source of income) for each spouse, as well as to have full information about any withholdings from income.

    Knowing about the expenses of each spouse, including health insurance costs, rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and the like is also essential.

    Without this information, you cannot complete a Medicaid application.
    With this information, a good elder law attorney may very well be able to suggest ways in which significant amounts can be saved and/or turned into streams of income that can be saved, and which can benefit the well spouse or a disabled child.