Medicaid Applications - Get Advice Before Contacting Medicaid

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

    In some circumstances, contacting Medicaid can start time clocks running.

    In other cases, contacting Medicaid can stop a time clock.

    Both can have negative effects.  If, for example, something must be completed within a certain period after initial contact, but one cannot do this, one may have to start all over again with some processes.

    On the other hand, sometimes you want a look back period or the like to pass before contacting Medicaid, and some contacts with Medicaid can be enough to trigger the negative consequence that could have been avoided if the contact had not been made before the look back period passed.

    In addition, while the facts are the facts, knowing the rules that govern Medicaid can be important in deciding what to do, whether to make an application, and how best to position for a successful application.

    In addition, if a person starts early enough in the process, sometimes very significant things can be done to prepare for property transfers that may be allowed under the rules in the proper circumstances, or to allow payment for care to be treated as earned income instead of a disqualifying gift that prevents the ill person from qualifying for Medicaid, or the like.