Do I Have Enough Money To Need a Will

Friday, May 15, 2020

    Many people do not think they have enough money to need a Will.

    Others think they will spend everything before they die.

    Sometimes people die unexpectedly, of course, and do not get around to spending their money.

    Other people, who expected to have to use their money for health care or long term care, in fact remain reasonably healthy, and are able to stay in their own homes until they die, so they die before their money is all gone.

    In addition, many people don’t take into account the value of their home.  Real estate constantly appreciates, and what is an ordinary house can become a terrifically valuable asset as prices rise, especially in certain areas.  What is more, many people hold on to their house until the day they die.  Even though they do not think of themselves as wealthy, this asset can be worth half a million dollars or more, and is seldom worth less than a few hundred thousand dollars in today’s market, if it is a stick built house on land that you own yourself.  Even a manufactured home on a rented lot can easily be worth $75,000.  Some newer manufactured homes can be valued at $175,000 or more even when on a rented lot.

    Having a Will, to ensure that your assets go where you want them to go, with the appropriate safeguards for these assets, and without the need for posting a bond when the probate happens, can be very valuable.  

    Just eliminating the cost of the bond in probate, which can be done if you have a well drafted Will, can offset the entire cost of getting a Will in many cases, quite apart from making sure that your assets go where you want them to go after you die.