Real Estate

Commercial Leases

There are many kinds of leases, including residential leases, ground leases, and the like, as well as some more specialized leases, such as agricultural leases involving multi year crops like Christmas trees or fruit orchards.

One of the most complex kinds of leases in Oregon is the commercial lease. These leases involve the rental of business premises.

Forms Of Ownership Of Real Estate In Oregon

Real estate can be owned in a variety of ways in Oregon.

The most common is called ownership in fee simple. Such an owner may also be referred to as the holder of a fee. This simply means that the person (or group or entity) owns the land, by him or herself, with no other person group or entity having an ownership right currently, or having a right to the land which will pass to them at some point in the future.

Purchase And Sale Of Real Estate

Real estate is formally called “real property” in Oregon law. Personal property is all property other than real estate, including tangible things you can touch such as your car, the contents of your pocket, and your lawn mower, as well as intangible things such as your bank account, or stocks and bonds.

“Property,” in Oregon law means both real property and personal property.